Pregnant Lady's 5k

So we signed up for my little brother in law's cross-country team's 5k that was Sunday.  I was sure I was going to be able to run it but was certain there would be no PR in sight since I can't get my body temp or HR up that high.  I wanted to run with Rudy and we took the dogs along with us just because they love running.  It was going to be a fun morning.

We got up that morning and I was making breakfast for us both when I got the wonderful urge that morning sickness brings about this time in pregnancy.  That was the only time I was second guessing that I would be able to run the race or not.  I hope I don't puke in the middle of it running 9 min miles!  That's just sad!  I took some wild yam tincture that my midwife told me would help... which was absolutely true!  It totally curbed the urge of any sickness but boy, was it nasty!  Blah!  I will take it though if it means I don't have to spend my mornings hunched over a toilet or a piece of grass somewhere!

We ate and got the dogs in the car and headed to the race.  Rusty and Asher were the only two dogs there but they were being extra good that morning so everyone wanted to come pet them.  They loved it and just took all the attention they could get.  We headed to the back of the pack for the race start hoping not to get anyone tripped up in the leashes or anything.  BAM!  The gun went off and we were off to a good start.  We started weaving through the slower people and started out at an 8:30 pace, something that was definitely do-able for me at this stage.  It felt slow for a 5k but I wasn't going to push it and kept telling myself that this was supposed to be fun so just keep it easy.  Rudy dropped back a little at the 1.5 mile mark and told me to go ahead.  He hadn't run in a while and wasn't feeling his greatest.  So Rusty and I took off at about the same pace and passed his little brother at about that time too.  He wasn't feeling great either but that's cool.  I gave him a hard time about letting a pregnant lady beat him but he wouldn't have it.  He kept up for about 0.3 mile and then dropped back himself.  Rusty was loving every second of it since he never gets to run around that many people very often.  It's usually just him, Asher, and me.  We topped the last long hill with little effort and rounded the last corner, finishing in 28:17... not the greatest time every but the Bean, Rusty, and I were just fine with it :)

We waited for Rudy and Asher to come up, which wasn't too long, and hung out until the awards.  We even all did a sweep for the 1 mile fun run to make sure no kids were dead on the pavement somewhere. The awards came and to my surprise, I got 1st in my age group!!  But the 3rd place girl did it in 48:24... Yeah....  I think there were only 3 of us!  HA!  Oh well.  Rusty got to wear the medal since the last race we did together, Asher go the title of 1st Canine.  Now it was Rusty's turn.  Good job buddy!

The rest of the day was filled up with errands and a Rugby game at Life University.  It was hot one and I was feeling good up until the end of the game.  I think I got a little too hot but Rudy got the air going in the car and drove to the next adventure and then home.  This pregnancy thing is definitely different.  I have to get used to the difference of how my body feels from normal.  It's cool though, it will all be worth it I hope :)


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