The Bean hates running...

So I've been a little lazy lately.  I've been caving to my husband's wishes of wanting to spend more time with me, which I won't complain about in the slightest!  But it's putting a damper on my exercising :(  I will take the love though because it's been wonderful so far!  We go shopping for stuff together, watch movies, cook dinner, organize stuff in the house, and just talk it out and I think it's awesome!

Today however, I put my foot down (no pun intended) and said that I was going to run for at least 30 minutes... this was said at 10:30 in the morning when the high for the day was going to be 91 degrees!  I wanted to get a run in because I felt incredibly lazy not doing anything for the 2 days prior, and then we were going to go do some more furniture searching for the Bean's room.  Cool, right!?  Not so much... HOT as all get out!!!

By the time I got my clothes and shoes on and the dogs ready to go, it was 12:30, a cool 86 degrees outside already.  Awesome Lauren!  Great job getting your arse going at a reasonable hour!  First lap was hot but not so bad- 2.2 miles in 18 mins- so I decided to do another lap since I wanted at least 30 minutes under my belt.  We started the second lap and immediately Asher tried to tell me that it was just too hot.  He would actually STOP in the shade!  Once I got him going again, he would run really fast to the next shady area... another reason I should have known to stop.  Rusty started doing the same thing but not actually stopping, just slowing down dramatically, but he was off leash so he wasn't holding me back.  Smart dogs if I do say so myself.  They know when enough is enough.  I kept them going because we were about 1/3 of the way through with the second lap but when I topped the steepest hill in the neighborhood, I felt like that was enough for me too... the Bean was telling me it was hot I guess.  I walked a little then decided to run down the last hill but when we got to the bottom and it flattened out a bit, that was it.  The abdominal and pelvic cramping set in and I knew I wasn't getting my 30 mins in.  3 miles was enough for the day in the 86 degree heat.  It was even hard to breathe since the air was so thick!

We got to the driveway and I took the dog's leashes off, where they would usually run up the driveway and go get a ball to play some more.  But this time, they just trotted to the shade at the end of the driveway, ate a couple blades of grass, and just stood there panting their little hearts out!  Poor guys!  I really should know that the dogs know when they've had enough and what signs they give.  Anyways, the next few hours weren't bad once I got some water and food and sat down for a minute.

Rudy and I went to shop for the baby's room but he wasn't feeling well so we came home and that's when the cramping started setting in.  Now we are both laying on the couch feeling sorry for ourselves, trying to keep a sane mind :)  So apparently the lesson for this day is that the Bean knows what it needs and running in hot weather like this is definitely not one of them!  I've got to learn to get up earlier!


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