It's hiding

We went to see the midwife last night for our 2nd check-up.  This one was to talk about some more things during the pregnancy and see how things were going since the last visit, and we were also going to try to use the doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat!  So exciting!

Once we got to Charlotte's house, we immediately tried to figure out the due date, which was an ordeal in itself!  I knew the days I wasn't on my monthly wonderfulness but I had no clue when I was actually on it! I could sense a little frustration in Charlotte's voice as we dragged this out for about 30 minutes, just trying to figure out when the actual conception date was... HA!!  Who records when they have sex!?  Not me!  Anyways, we decided that the baby would be due right around Christmas, but who cares right?  It's going to come out when it damn well wants to come out!

So to continue the story, I took a pee pee test to make sure I didn't have glucose or protein in my urine and to make sure I was drinking enough water, which was all perfect I must say :)  And she loved all my blood lab results for iron count and everything pertaining to prenatal testing.  I'm doing good so far!  Woohoo!  Then we talked about running and when I should start wearing a support belt because I didn't want to have a saggy uterus from the increased amount of weight put on the ligaments with the baby during running.  I'm cool with that... I don't particularly want a saggy uterus...

Then came the fun part!  We were going to listen with the doppler to try to find the baby's heartbeat!  So cool!  Ultrasound gel, check.  Quiet room, check.  Heartbeat... come on baby!!  We looked up, down, around, under, above, to the right, to the left... dang it!  It's hiding!  After about 5 quiet, tedious minutes of listening, we decided that it was probably hiding behind my pubic bone still.  Charlotte felt around and definitely, with my confirmation, found what she thought was the baby on the right side about mid way between my midline and front hip bone but there was no heartbeat yet.  Oh well.  We will wait another couple weeks to see since I am only 9.4 weeks (this is what we figured after the 30 minutes) and you can usually hear it at about 10 weeks at the earliest.  Until then, I'm back to running, swimming, biking, and lifting weights to my body's abilities, whatever that might be for the given day.

And who thought of this list of things pregnant lady's can't eat!  That's like everything I LOVE to eat!  Ugh!  This baby better be worth it!  But I know it will be so it's all good.  :)


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