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106 Miles of Delirium- Cruel Jewel 106

So my pacer was just standing there scratching her butt, while waiting on my slow ass to finish the last of the dragon spine, when another racer stops in the middle of the course, throws his pack on the ground, and lays on a log, straddled, face down, and passes out.  That’s the kind of weird stuff that happens on the Cruel Jewel 100 course.  With over 33,000 feet of elevation gain, on the toughest trails GA has to offer, and with the added heat and humidity of the south, this race chews racers up and spits them out, leaving them begging for mercy. The fact that people do this thing multiple times baffles me.  It really does.  But I’ll probably do it again.  I’m that stubborn.   My most amazing crew chief ever, my husband Rudy, had prepared so meticulously for this one. He had all the crew gear, had my food all parceled out, and had planned out each section to the nth degree.  All I needed to do was run.  The only thing wrong at this point was that “Aunt Flo” decided to show up th

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