New Love

So we announced it to the world today.  I'm pregnant!  8 weeks now and still a little unsure of what to expect.  I have elicited friends' advice, talked to doctors, and had conversations with my husband, and I'm 110% positive we will mess up somewhere.  Maybe I will train too much since my friends at school call me a "professional exerciser" and regret it the whole next day.  Or then maybe I will take it too easy and not be able to get back into training for that double Ironman I want to do at some point after this.  Not gonna happen!  I'm going to listen to my body, my friends, and my awesome team of natural medicine doctors to get me through this thing on a positive note.  Rudy (my husband) calls it his "Little Bean"... but then again, he used to call me that too!  So is he talking to both of us?  I chose to think so and I just let it happen with a smile on my face :)

So if you were curious, which you may not be, I'll tell you how we found out!  I only found this out about 2 weeks ago while Rudy was out of town on a business trip.  Talked to some friends and thought it would be a good idea to take a test and see just because I was having some different feelings lately.  It was positive, obviously!  So I had to wait 2 days for Rudy to get back in town so I could tell him in person.  When he opened that little bag with two tiny little socks and some infant doggie slippers, he was so excited!  We hugged, shed a tear, then he stopped, looked at me with this stunned, straight face, and said "Are you ready for this!?"  We just signed up for a 25 year commitment!  Wow.

We figured out how far along I was, then had to wait for a little bit to get the whole family together to tell them first before we announced it to the world.  They were extremely excited, this being the first grandchild for Rudy's mom and dad.  In this time that I was pregnant and didn't even know, I did a 50k that I rocked, two 20 mile training runs, some hard core interval training, and a sprint triathlon in which I wanted to pass out!!  Such is life and maybe this thing will come out with running shoes tied up and ready to go!

It's going to be a wild ride and we are in it for the long haul.  First time parents can be nervous and overly excited so just you wait!  Rudy even wanted to go to Babies R' Us on Sunday!  What a great Dad he's going to be!  He wants a girl and I want a boy... go figure.  But we won't know until that fateful day in late December or early January when this little bean decides to grace us with it's little precious presence.


  1. You will mess it up. We ALL do! That's part of the journey and part of the fun and craziness of being a parent. You are going to be an amazing mom! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for you!



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