The Liquor bottle run

I decided to be proactive and get up early today so I would have the time and energy to get a run in without getting too hot.  The alarm went off at 6... I didn't get up until 6:40... Yeah.  That's motivation for ya!  But when I finally did drag myself out of bed, I was ready to run.  A granola bar and orange were good enough to tide me over until I got back and could make some eggs.  Got the dogs fed, leashed up, and off we went!

I decided to go run in a really nice neighborhood next to ours... the one with $700k+ houses that I could only dream of.  But it was nice!  The temperature was about 65-70 degrees and it felt so awesome!  The dogs were being really good, just trotting along beside me having a seemingly good time themselves like always!  I knew the neighborhood well.  I used to run it in the early early mornings in the winter when it was pitch black outside and it has some nice hills too so I was excited to actually get a good run in as well. Little did I know that I would be laughing at just about every house I passed...

It was recycle day I guess because everyone had their little recycle bins out full of stuff to keep the environment clean.  I had seen all the beautiful houses before so I decided to try a new habit, and look into their recycle bins as I ran by (No I did not stop and rummage through them!).  I saw one, then another, and then another... It was a trend!  Pretty much every single recycle bin I passed had a huge empty bottle of some kind of expensive liquor in it!  After about the 3rd one, I started laughing!  Either these people had a really great Memorial day party, or they were drinking so much because they had some kind of problem! It was awesome!

Needless to say, the pups and I finished our run without incident on a happy note.  Good run, cool temps, and relatively no round ligament cramping!  Success!!  I will have to get up in the morning to run more often!  It's more fun that way and makes for a good start to the day.  And plus, if I ever get thirsty, I know that on Mondays I don't have to bring any liquids... they will be waiting for me at each house I pass.


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