Got some great news this weekend after a sad night on Thursday!  Hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time I hear is the most awesome thing in the world and we were so excited to finally get the chance on Thursday.  We had the appointment to use the doppler to hear the Bean's heartbeat on Thursday night and were hopefully going to get good news.  I had used the potty before I got there so had to wait until my bladder was a little more full to try to push the baby up a little to make it easier to hear.  It was tucked behind my pubic bone last time and hindered our attempts to capture the awesome sounds.  So this time, I waited until I REALLY had to pee, then we went to it.
Like last time, we looked up, down, to the sides, dug in a little deeper, and still nothing.  We tried it a little higher to get a better angle but still couldn't hear the Bean beating.  The midwife wasn't worried because with palpation, she could still gather that my uterus was still tucked back behind the pubic bone and was refusing to come up to play.  We weren't worried at the time either and started talking about my diet and exercising.  Mostly about my diet though because she knows I am still going to exercise.... and you don't tell a runner to stop running, ever.  She didn't :)  But on the way home, Rudy and I started both thinking and started worrying about what might have happened to the Bean that it wasn't letting us hear it's little beating heart.  Neither of us said much to each other on the way home and were both a little snappy with each other when we did get home.  It was all frustration and stress though, not that we think either of us did anything wrong.  We just wanted to know that the Bean was okay.
Charlotte recommended we go get an ultrasound because it could get a little deeper than the doppler and may be able to better visualize where the baby might be in the womb.  Numerous calls to many places without much luck of getting an appointment until Wednesday frustrated me even more.  All this until I found a place in Cumming where we live for Saturday morning!!  We were going to find out where this little thing was hiding and if it was still okay!
Saturday came and we got to the ultrasound place a couple minutes late but walked right in and got started.  She turned the machine on, put the gel on my belly, and WHAM!!  There was the Bean!  Our little Bean!!  It even did a could flips for us as to say, "Hey Mom!  Hey Dad!  I'm still here and doing just fine!"  Then came the heartbeat... 176bpm was awesome and well within normal limits.  So all this exercising and my lack of knowledge for what a pregnant woman should be eating had not done much to the baby and it was doing great!
So, needless to say, no more stress, no more frustration, just an extremely happy Mom and Dad to-be for the little Bean that grows within.  Grow little Bean, Grow!


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