Fat makes a Brain grow stronger

Apparently this is true... fat does make a baby's brain grow bigger!  Their brain is up to 80% fat at first!  So when I went in to my Chiropractor to get my regular awesome adjustment, she asked about my diet.  She was happy I was eating so healthy but said that I need to get more fat in my diet.

I was still trucking along on my athlete specific diet of 50/30/20, 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fat.  Apparently, that's not enough fat for the babay!  And the amount of calories that I get in a day, although I eat all the freaking time, is definitely not enough.  I knew that though.  I hardly ever get above 1900 calories per day because I eat tons of fruit and smaller, more healthy snacks.  My lunches usually consist of chicken breast and steamed veggies besides the off chance we have leftovers from dinner.  Then it might vary a little.

So I was told to cut back on the fruit, which has a lot of sugar, while adding in more veggies with maybe some peanut butter.  And to have protein with every single eating session (Peanut butter!!).  Avocados are a great choice and I can definitely start doing that!  It's the fruit that's going to kill me!  I love fruit!  Oh well, if I want to keep exercising and depleting my body of it's essential nutrients needed to build this baby, I need to start being smarter about what I put into my body.  I'm sure my midwife will gasp when she sees how much I actually eat and how it does not correlate with the calorie intake!  Just don't tell me to quit exercising... we may have a "Come to Jesus" about that one! :)


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