It's too EFFING HOT!!!

Okay Georgia.  I'm sick of this.  I'm a runner/ triathlete, I'm pregnant, and you decide to be 90+ degrees for what now, 30 days!!!??  What's up with that!?  Why can't it be a normal 85 degrees or something like that? That would be a little nicer, and then at least it wouldn't be 90 degrees at 8 in the morning AND 8 at night! Geeze!

Throughout my recent extensive research of exercising during pregnancy, I have found out that pregnant ladies should not get above 102 degrees (rectally... yeah right!) after a workout because that's just too dang hot! So we are told to watch our temperature and slow down or stop when we feel like we are getting too hot.  Well, when the heat index in GA is 105 like it has been recently, it's a little difficult to get a workout in and feel good about it.  Normally, if I have the time to run or ride, I get up early, or like yesterday, I went swimming and loved it.  It has been hot but this is just getting to be rediculous!

So this morning when I went to run before school, I walked out and it was already 80 degrees on the temperature thingy.  There is also a general rule that if it gets to 85 degrees, it's most likely too hot to run for us preggers.  I'm good!  I've got 5 degrees to work with here!  That was over and done with pretty quickly.  Most of the run was pretty good but when I got to one hill and got about 1/4 of the way up, I started thinking that I was getting too hot but kept running.  1/2 way up, I was way too hot.  I had to walk!  I was not happy and extremely frustrated but I know that it's better for the Bean this way.  5 more months of watching out for this, and then I can get back to killing myself for no good reason :)  I cooled off a little with walking, started running again, and when I got to another hill, I walked... But then I ran the rest of the way home when it leveled out.  Air conditioning is awesome!  I cooled off instantly when I got inside and we (the Bean, the pups, and I) were all good.  The dogs splayed themselves out on the floor after drinking some water, and I fixed breakfast also after drinking some water.

I can't wait for the Fall for all of this to be over with.  The heat, the humidity, the extreme rediculousness...  5 more months.  That's it.  I can do it!


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