Exercise Reality

I'm 31 weeks along in my preggers journey (that's 7.2 months for the rest of the world).  I'm in the home stretch and can't wait to get this over with!  I love being pregnant and I love my pregnant body, and I especially love feeling like a strong woman when I go to the gym or go for a run still and get looks from people and high fives from a lot of them.  It's awesome to see that people support exercising pregnant women and the strength that they have.  Just the other day, I did a great circuit workout in the gym, sweat pouring everywhere while still being conginscent of my body temperature, and I had lots of people smile at me, give me high fives, or tell me how easy my birth was going to be!  That's the point right!?

I had my most recent visit with my midwife yesterday and all is well.  I measured a little small across the belly but I'm not in the danger zone.  Baby Bean is sitting on the left, head down, which is optimal positioning for birth.  It's definitely an active little bugger!  I think it runs marathons on my liver and does cross-fit workouts when it's not sleeping... which kind of hurts, but it's cute so I let it happen and tell it to just keep on going!  Speaking of working out...

Training/ Exercising/ Activity has slowed down tremendously.  I only run about 2-4 times per week, swim once, and usually ride my bike once or twice a week.  I have been going to the gym once or twice a week recently too to try to keep the flabby arms and legs at bay as long as possible.  The pregnancy belt while running has become a necessity and peeing at least 15 minutes into the run, no matter if I peed beforehand or not, has become commonplace.  It's just part of it I guess.  The inguinal ligaments get pretty sore after runs and I still can't figure if it's from the pregnancy support belt or from the extra 19 lbs I have put on so far (sure to be more by the end).  I have however figured out a great pace for the run that keeps me going the whole time.  It's about 12 min miles so anyone who runs that slow can certainly join me!  When I take the dogs now, they want to go faster since they are used to the intervals and faster paced 8 min/ mile runs in the heat of the day... Not for a little while to come boys, but I will be back so get ready!!

People ask me if I am still running and exercising.  HELL YES I AM!!  Do I look like someone to sit idly by while my body wastes away and gets absolutely flaccid so you can all make fun of me in my wetsuit next year!?  Not gonna happen so quit dreaming! :P  Haha!!  It's just slowed down a bit but that's okay because I know my little baby bean is growing strong and healthy inside of me.  It will thank me for staying active the whole time, and some other parts of my body will thank me too when the birthing time actually comes.  Rudy even wants to go for trail runs now that I'm a little slower and that's awesome because we bought him some trail shoes and he's wanting to do some trail races next year!  Go Rudy!

So this Bean is bringing things together, lots of things.  The slower pace makes me think about my priorities in life and really know what matters most, which is family for sure.  Family is the best gift that God can give and he has blessed me tremendously.  Exercising is just my mechanism for bringing those things together.

Anyone wanna go run!?


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