Triathlon Blues

Every now and then one looks back at photos and memories, maybe if only a glance, but remembers how much fun they had while creating those memories.  The quirkiness, the goofiness, the happy, or the sad.  Every one carries its own unique timeline.  For me recently, it was looking at triathlon pictures with a couple of close friends.  Even though it has only been a few months since my last triathlon, there have been many more since then that I was going to participate in this year.  I had high aspirations of finally beating my nemesis of only 2 years, Dani Grabol ;) but I am resigned to waiting until next year to pick up where I left off and regain my strength and drive to kick some triathlon booty!

Don't get me wrong, I am EXTREMELY excited about being pregnant and what joy that will bring to our family.  I can't wait to see what the Bean will actually look like, what personality it will take on, and how fast it will grow up in front of our eyes!  I can't wait to meet it and say Hi while looking into its little eyes for the first time to experience the unconditional love I hear so much about when you have a child of your own.  It will be something I will never be able to describe again or compare to in my life!  It's not that I'm not excited in the slightest!

I just look at those pictures of me with friends and the biggest smiles or goofiest grins on our faces before, after, or during a triathlon or distance running race, and think of how much fun we had.  Those times have been put on hold for something so special I don't even know how to describe yet.  Spending time and making more memories with the very close and caring friends I have made over the last several years is still to come and it will be better than ever before.

But next year.... It's ON!  I plan on getting back on my bike for weekend rides with some awesome friends, running on some awesome trails with great people, and achieving impossible goals with some of the craziest people I have ever known.  All of this of course while loving one of the most wonderful gifts God can ever imagine, a Bean Sprout!  Triathlon is not done or out of my mind and it will always be part of my life, it will just be a little more awe inspiring to me and there will be an even better surprise at the finish line next year, a waiting husband with a beautiful smiling gift from God.  Oh it's on Triathlon and long distance running world!  Beware of Mama Cortjens!  Don't make me do anything too drastic...  because I'm already planning another Ironman and 50 mile (or maybe 100 mile) trail race...


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